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Campaign Finance Disclosure

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Close Friends Running for Office – Hidalgo County and Granite Shoals

I am proud to announce my endorsements for two close personal friends.   Mike Steenbergen was my classmate in high school in McAllen Texas.  He was an award winning speaker, active in student council, participated in extra curricular activities and won two full scholarships to colleges in Texas.  Always socially conscious he was voted most likely [...]

Campaign Supporters Begin Signing Up

I want to welcome 4 new subscribers: Margaret, Paulette, Barbara and Olga!  Thank you so much for your interest in the campaign.  Together, with tools available today through modern technology and the internet, we can change the world.  I have upgraded each of you to Contributers so you can currently post to this main page if you have [...]

Rosalie Weisfeld Uses Social Media to Launch Campaign for Hidalgo County Democratic Party Chair

Rosalie Weisfeld Uses Social Media to Launch Campaign for Hidalgo County Democratic Party Chair

Rosalie Weisfeld, Candidate for Hidalgo County Democratic Party Chair


McAllen Texas

Friday, January 21, 2012

  11:43:27 PM

Today’s technology is putting a new face on elections 2012.  Rosalie Weisfeld, candidate for Hidalgo County [...]

Endorsements Keep Coming

Rosalie Weisfeld’s Facebook fan page for her campaign for the Hidalgo County Democratic Chair is continuing to attract supporters at a rapid rate.    As the IT Consultant for her campaign, I am tracking the response.  The accolades and endorsements from the supporters is overwhelmimng.  Local Attorney Alejandro Moreno Jr spoke clearly when he said “You have [...]

Official Campaign Website

Welcome to the official website for Rosalie Weisfeld’s campaign for Hidalgo County Texas Democratic Chair.  I’m Rosalie and I look forward to communicating with you about the critical local, state and national issues that face us in Hidalgo County, the State of Texas and the United States in 2012.

Rosalie Weisfeld for Hidalgo County [...]