Rosalie Weisfeld

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Rosalie Weisfeld became active in politics by participating in a “sit in” at McAllen High School to commemerate the first Earth Day in 1970.    Historically this original Earth Day is now considered the beginning of  the Environmental Movement in the United States. 

Rosalie joined the Democratic Party in Hidalgo County to vote in her first Presidential election in 1974.  A classmate, Leslie Gower, MBA, describes Rosalie’s political activism:

Rosalie Weisfeld Files for Hidalgo County Democratic Party Chair. This is very exciting news for me. My first act of political activism was with Rosalie when we were in 10th Grade. She organized a sit in on the steps of McHi to commemorate the First Earth Day. That was 40 years ago. She has been a wonderful friend and amazing  comadre  in all the political campaigns, causes, and organizations that we both have been involved in since that time.

Rosalie Weisfeld filed for Hidalgo County Democratic Party Chair after receiving many phone calls, texts, Facebook posts, and emails from county Democrats asking her to run.  She has been actively involved in the Hidalgo County Democratic Party (HCDP) for 40 years. Rosalie has given her heart and soul to the party. She is totally dedicated to organizing and electing Democratic candidates. Rosalie has worked on too many campaigns to count.  She served as Executive Director of the Hidalgo County Democratic Party with Chairs Bobby Guerra and Judge Ramon Garcia. 

She has been a delegate to almost every Democratic County and State Convention since 1980.  She is involved with the Party at every level from local to state.   From 2006 to 2010 Rosalie served as a member of the State Democratic Executive Committee (SDEC).  Through the years she has been involved in the development and growth of almost every Hidalgo County Democratic club.

But more importantly, she knows the Texas Election Code and the Rules of the Texas Democratic Party better than anyone I know, knows how things should be done and is committed to making sure that things are done in accordance with these rules and laws. It is a time in Hidalgo County History that we need someone of Rosalie’s caliber and knowledge. It is imperative that we organize and do our part to turn out the vote in November 2012 – so much is on the line and nobody can do this like Rosalie can. That is why she has been called upon by so many people to file.

She has vision, passion, knowledge and commitment to the Democratic Party as can be seen by her many years of service to the Party. She has given her heart to this Party and what it stands for – I don’t think there is anybody in Hidalgo County who has given as many hours and worked so unceasingly for what we stand for throughout the years as has Rosalie.Her FB FAN page is up and going. Go ‘Like” it and show your support and be able to receive receive current updates at Rosalie’s Fan Page (

This is a very important election. What happens in Hidalgo County and the turnout of our votes directly impacts Democrats all the way up to the election of Barack Obama in 2012. 2012 is a critical year – so much is on the line. That is why I am so thrilled and excited that Rosalie answered the call and filed for County Chair. — Leslie Anne Gower, MBA